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PhD Brown
Associate Professor
Associate Director, Center for Cancer Research

Email: bccliang@ust.hk


Research Interests
Mechanism and cell cycle control of DNA replication in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae; regulation of DNA replication in normal and cancer cells; molecular cancer detection and anticancer drugs.

Representative Publications

  1. Yu R., Liu, H., Yu, Y., Liang L., Xu R., *Liang, C., *Tang J., and *Yao X. (2016) Anticancer activities of proanthocyanidins from the plant Urceola huaitingii and their synergistic effects in combination with chemotherapeutics. J. Fitoterapia (in press).
  2. Huang Y, Amin A., Qin Y., Wang Z., Jiang H., Liang L., Shi L., *Liang C. (2016) A Role of hIPI3 in DNA Replication Licensing in Human Cells. Plos One (in press).
  3. Zhang X., Xiao, D., Wang, Z., Zou, Y., Huang L., Lin, W., Deng, Q., Pan H., Zhou J., *Liang, C. and He, J.* (2014) MicroRNA-26a/b Regulate DNA Replication Licensing, Tumorigenesis and Prognosis by Targeting CDC6 in Lung Cancer. Mol. Cancer Res. 12, 1535-1546.
  4. Zhao C., *Lee K.Y., Xu R., Liang C., Liu D., Ma S., Wibool P., and Zohar Y. (2014) Isolation of circulating tumor cells under hydrodynamic loading using microfluidic technology. Advances Mechanics, 44, 447-494.
  5. Huo L., R. Wu, Z. Yu, Y. Zhai, X. Yang, T. Chan, J. Yeung, J. Kan, and *Liang C. (2012) The Rix1 (Ipi1p-2p-3p) Complex Is a Critical Determinant of DNA Replication Licensing Independent of Their Roles in Ribosome Biogenesis. Cell Cycle 11, 1325-1339.
  6. Liu, C., Wu, R., Wei, Z., Wang, J., Tye, B., *Liang, C., and *Zhu G. (2012) Structural Insights into the Cdt1-Mediated Mcm2-7 Chromatin Loading. Nucleic Acids Res. 40, 3208-3217 (*co-corresponding authors).
  7. Wu, R., Wang, J., and *Liang, C. (2012) Cdt1p, through its interaction with Mcm6p, is required for the formation, nuclear accumulation and chromatin loading of the MCM complex. J. Cell Sci. 125, 209-219.
  8. Geng, H., Law, P., Ng, M., Li, T., Liang, L., Ge, T., Wong, K., Liang, C., Ma, R., So, W., Chan, J., *Ho, Y. (2011) APOE Genotype-Function Relationship: Evidence of 2491 A/T Promoter Polymorphism Modifying Transcription Control but Not Type 2 Diabetes Risk. PLoS ONE 6, e24669-e24669.
  9. Lai, F.Q., Wu, R.T. Wang, J.F., Li, C.M., Zou, L., Lu Y.J., and *Liang, C. (2011) Far3p domains involved in the interactions of Far proteins and pheromone-induced cell cycle arrest in budding yeast. FEMS Yeast Res. 11, 72-79.
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  12. Cheng, X., Xu, Z., Wang, J.F., Zhai, Y.L, Lu, Y.J, and *Liang, C. (2010) ATP-dependent Pre-replicative Complex Assembly Is Facilitated by Adk1p in Budding Yeast. J. Biol. Chem. 285, 29974-29980.
  13. Zhang J., Yu, L., Wu., X., Zou., L. Sou, K.K.L, Wei, Z., Cheng X., *Zhu, G.. and *Liang C. (2010) The Interacting Domains of hCdt1 and hMcm6 Involved in the Chromatin Loading of the MCM Complex in Human Cells. Cell Cycle 9, 4848-4857 (*co-corresponding authors)
  14. Wei, Z., Liu, C.D., Xu, N.N., Wu, X. Zhou, B., *Liang, C., and *Zhu, G. (2010) Characterization and structure determination of the Cdt1 binding domain of human minichromosome maintenance (Mcm) 6. J. Boil. Chem. 285, 12469-12473 (accelerated publication) (*co-corresponding authors).
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  16. Wang, J.F., Wu, R.T., Lu, Y.J. and *Liang, C. (2010) Ctf4p facilitates Mcm10p to promote DNA replication in budding yeast. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 395, 336-341.
  17. Xiong X.D., Qiu F.E., Fang J.H., Shen Y., Liang C., Jiang W., and *Zhuang S.M. (2009) Association analysis between the Cdc6 G1321A polymorphism and the risk for non-Hodgkin lymphoma and hepatocellular carcinoma. Mutat. Res. 662: 10-15.
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