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Danny Chi Yeu LEUNG

PhD University of British Columbia
Assistant Professor

Email: dcyleung@ust.hk

Division of Life Science, HKUST

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Research Interests:


Mammalian genomes consist mostly of non-coding sequences. Within this massive proportion, previously misclassified as “junk DNA”, resides elements that function to regulate normal transcriptional programs. I am particularly interested in two classes of non-coding sequences: cis-regulatory elements (transcriptional promoters and enhancers) and endogenous retroviruses. The research of my laboratory focuses on dissecting how non-coding sequences are epigenetically regulated in both normal development and disease. We utilize various epigenomic and cell biology tools to delineate epigenetic pathways that modulate the activities of cis-regulatory elements and endogenous retroviruses, and their downstream effects on gene expression. Specially, I am interested in 1) elucidating the function of endogenous retroviruses in cellular differentiation during development; 2) determining the function of chromatin modifiers in progenitor and stem cells; and 3) uncovering the role of chromatin modifiers in melanomas.

Representative Publications:

  1. Angela D. Kelsey, Christine Yang, Danny Leung, Jakub Minks, Thomas Dixon-McDougall, Sarah E.L. Baldry, Aaron B. Bogutz, Louis Lefebvre and Carolyn J. Brown. Impact of flanking chromosomal sequences on localization and silencing by the human non-coding RNA XIST(2015) Genome Biology 16:208

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  3. Matthew D. Schultz, Yupeng He, John W. Whitaker, Manoj Hariharan, Eran A. Mukamel, Danny Leung, Nisha Rajagopal, Joseph R. Nery, Mark A. Urich, Huaming Chen, Shin Lin, Yiing Lin, Inkyung Jung, Anthony D. Schmitt, Siddarth Selvaraj, Bing Ren, Terrence J. Sejnowski, Wei Wang, Joseph R. Ecker. Human Body Epigenome Maps Reveal Noncanonical DNA Methylation Variation (2015) Nature 518(7539):350-4
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