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Hyokeun PARK

BS MS Seoul National University
PhD University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Assistant Professor

Email: hkpark@ust.hk

Laboratory Homepage: http://parklab.ust.hk

Research Interests

Development of single-molecule imaging techniques; transport of vesicles and organelles in neurodegenerative diseases.

Professor Park’s main research interests focus on the development of new single-molecule fluorescence imaging techniques and their application to address biological questions. In particular, he is interested in understanding how the transport of vesicles and organelles is disrupted in neurodegenerative diseases such as Huntington’s diseases. Using his state-of-the-art three-dimensional nanometer-accuracy microscope, he investigates the transport of vesicles in Huntington’s disease mouse models.

Representative Publications

  1. Park H, Li Y and Tsien RW. Influence of synaptic vesicle position on release probability and exocytotic fusion mode. Science 335, 1362-1366 (2012).
    Selected for F1000 Prime
  2. Park H, Toprak E and Selvin PR. Single-molecule fluorescence to study molecular motors. Q. Rev. Biophys., 40, 87-111 (2007).
  3. Sweeney HL, Park H, Zong AB, Selvin PR and Rosenfeld SS. How myosin VI coordinates its heads during processive movement. EMBO J. 26, 2682-2692 (2007).
  4. Park H, Li A, Chen L-Q, Houdusse A, Selvin PR and Sweeney HL. The unique inset at the end of the myosin VI motor is the sole determinant of directionality. PNAS USA, 104, 778-783 (2007).
  5. Park H, Ramamurthy B, Safer D, Travaglia M, Chen L-Q, Franzini-Armstrong C, Selvin PR and Sweeney HL. Full-length myosin VI dimerizes and moves processively along actin filaments upon monomerculstering. Mol. Cell, 21, 331–336 (2006).
  6. Park H, Hanson G, Duff S and Selvin PR. Nanometer localization of single ReAsH molecules. J Microsc, 216, 199-205 (2004).
  7. Yildiz A*, Park H *, Safer D, Yang Z, Chen L-Q, Selvin PR and Sweeney HL. Myosin VI steps via a hand-over-hand mechanism with its lever arm undergoing fluctuations when attached to actin. J. Biol. Chem., 279, 37223-37226 (2004) (* - Equal contribution).
  8. Kim JH, Song JK, Park H, Lee SH, Han SY and Kim SK, Photoelectron Spectroscopy of s-Triazine Anion Clusters: Polarization-induced Electron Binding in Aza-aromatic Molecule, J. Chem. Phys., 119, 4320-4327(2003).

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