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Kit Yu Karen CHAN

PhD University of Washington
Assistant Professor

Email: karenchan@ust.hk

Laboratory webpage: www.chanlab.ust.hk

Research Interests

Broadly speaking, I am interested in combining experimental and modeling techniques to understand the role of individual behaviors in shaping population-level ecological interactions. Specifically, I am interested in 1) swimming performance of marine plankton, its relationship with physiologies, particularly in response to environmental variations such as ocean acidification, and its implications on population dynamics; 2) Functional morphology of marine plankton and its evolutionary implications. Early life stages of marine invertebrates are the focus of my work. As an educator, I am interested in developing instructional techniques that would improve students’ understanding of and interest in the scientific process.


Representative Publications

  1. Chan, K.Y.K., Jiang, HS, Padillia, DK (2013) Swimming speed of larval snail does not correlated with size and ciliary beat frequency. PLoS-One. 8: e82764
  2. Chan, K.Y.K, Grünbaum, D, Arnberg,M., Thorndyke, M., Dupont, S.T. 2013. Ocean acidification induces budding in larval sea urchins. Marine Biology. 160:2129-2135
  3. Durkin, C. A., Bender, S.J., Chan, K.Y.K., Gaessner, K., Grünbaum, D, Armbrust, V. 2013. Silicic acid supplied to coastal diatom communities influences cellular silicification and the potential export of carbon. Limnology and Oceanography. 58:1707-1726
  4. Chan, K.Y.K. 2012. Biomechanics of larval morphology affect swimming: insights from the sand dollars Dendraster excentricus. Integrative and Comparative Biology. 52:458-469
  5. CHAN,K.Y.K, Yang, S., Maliska, M.E., Grünbaum, D.2012. Interdisciplinary, guided inquiry on estuarine transport using a computer model in high school classrooms. American Biology Teachers 74:26-33
  6. Chan, K.Y.K, Grünbaum, D., O Donnell, M. J. 2011. Effects of ocean acidification-induced morphological changes on larval swimming and feeding. Journal of Experimental Biology 214: 3857-3867
  7. Chan, K.Y.K, Grünbaum, D. 2010. Temperature and diet modified swimming behaviors of larval sand dollar. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 415: 49-59
  8. Grünbaum, D, CHAN,K., Tobin, E and Nishizaki, M.T. 2008. Non-linear advection–diffusion equations approximate swarming but not schooling populations. Mathematical Biosciences 204:38-48


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