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Qinglu ZENG

PhD State Univ of New York, Albany
Assistant Professor

Email: zeng@ust.hk

Laboratory Homepage: http://zenglab.ust.hk 

Research Interests
The role of cyanobacteria and their viruses (cyanophages) in marine ecological processes and how cyanophage infection affects the host signaling and metabolic networks.


Representative Publications

  1. Liu R, Liu Y, Liu S, Wang Y, Li K, Li N, Xu D, and Zeng Q. 2017. Three-dimensional superresolution imaging of the FtsZ ring during cell division of the cyanobacterium Prochlorococcus. MBio 8.
  2. Ni T, Zeng Q. 2016. Diel infection of cyanobacteria by cyanophages. Frontiers in Marine Science 2: 123.
  3. Lin X, Ding H, Zeng Q. 2016. Transcriptomic response during phage infection of a marine cyanobacterium under phosphorus-limited conditions. Environmental Microbiology 18(2): 450-460.
  4. Jiao N, Zhang C, Li C, Wang X, Dang H, Zeng Q, Zhang R, Zhang Y, Tang K, Zhang Z, Xu D. 2013. Controlling mechanisms and climate effects of microbial carbon pump in the ocean (in Chinese). Scientia Sinica Terrae 43(1): 1-18.
  5. Zeng Q, Chisholm SW. 2012. Marine viruses exploit their host's two-component regulatory system in response to resource limitation. Current Biology 22(2): 124-128.
  6. Thompson* LR, Zeng* Q, Kelly L, Huang KH, Coleman ML, Singer AU, Stubbe J, Chisholm SW. 2011. Phage auxiliary metabolic genes and the redirection of cyanobacterial host carbon metabolism. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 108(39): E757-E764. (*authors contributed equally)
  7. Bonocora* RP, Zeng* Q, Abel EV, Shub DA. 2011. A homing endonuclease and the 50-nt ribosomal bypass sequence of phage T4 constitute a mobile DNA cassette. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 108(39): 16351-16356. (*authors contributed equally)
  8. Zeng Q, Bonocora RP, Shub DA. 2009. A free-standing homing endonuclease targets an intron insertion site in the psbA gene of cyanophages. Current Biology 19(3): 218-222.


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