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PhD Tokyo University of Science
Assistant Professor

Email: toyotaka@ust.hk

Laboratory website: http://toyolab.ust.hk

Research Interests

Single-molecule biophysics; the role of chromatin structure in transcription regulation

We use single molecule techniques such as optical tweezers and atomic force microscope as well as biochemical approaches to elucidate the role of chromatin dynamics in transcription regulation.


Representative Publications

  1. Dangkulwanich M.*, Ishibashi T.*, Liu S.*, Kireeva M. L., Lubkowska L., Kashlev M., Bustamante C. Complete dissection of transcription elongation reveals slow translocation of Pol II in a linear ratchet mechanism, eLife, (in press).
  2. Bintu L.*, Ishibashi T.*, Dangkulwanich M., Wu Y., Lubkowska L., Kashlev M., Bustamante C. (2012) Nucleosomal elements that control the topography of the barrier to transcription, Cell, 151(4), 738-49.
  3. Zamft B., Bintu L., Ishibashi T., Bustamante C. (2012) Nascent RNA structure modulate of the transcriptional dynamics of RNA Polymerases, Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences USA, 109(23), 8948-53.
  4. Ishibashi T.*, Li A.*, Eirín-López J.M., Ming M., Abbott D.W., Meistrich M.L., Ausió J. (2010) H2A.Bbd: An X-chromosome-encoded histone involved in mammalian spermiogenesis, Nucleic Acids Research, 38(6), 1780-9.
  5. Ishibashi T., Dryhurst D., Rose K.L., Shabanowitz J., Hunt D.F., Ausió J. (2009) The structure and s implications for the nucleosome of vertebrate H2A.Z acetylation, Biochemistry, 48(22), 5007-17.
  6. Ishibashi T., So K., Cupples G.C., Ausió J. (2008) MBD4-mediated glycosylase activity on a chromatin template is enhanced by acetylation, Molecular and Cellular Biology, 28(15), 4734-44.
  7. Ishibashi T., Thambirajah A.A., Ausió J. (2008) MeCP2 preferentially binds to methylated linker DNA in the absence of the terminal tail of histone H3 and independently of histone acetylation, FEBS Letter, 582(7), 1157-62.
  8. Eirin-Lopez J.M.*, Ishibashi T.*, Ausió J. (2008) H2A.Bbd: a quickly evolving hypervariable mammalian histone that destabilizes nucleosomes in an acetylation-independent way, FASEB Journal, 22(1), 316-26.
  9. Ishibashi T., Kimura S., Sakaguchi K. (2006) A higher plant has three different types of RPA heterotrimeric complex, Journal of Biochemistry, 139(1), 99-104.
  10. Ishibashi T., Isogai M., Chiku H., Hosaka M., Koga A., Yamamoto T., Uchiyama Y., Mori Y., Kiyohara H., Hashimoto J., Ausió J., Kimura S., Sakaguchi K. (2006) Higher plant RecA-like protein is homologous to RadA, DNA Repair, 5(1), 80-8.


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