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Hong XUE

PhD Toronto

Email: hxue@ust.hk

Research Interests
My group research focuses on genomics, bioinformatics and evolution biology to decipher the mechanisms of human complex disorders. The group is also interested in translational research on novel therapeutics and diagnostics for complex diseases such as neuropsychiatric disorders.

Representative Publications

  1. Cunyou Zhao and Hong Xue (2012) A simple method for high-throughput quantification of genome-wide DNA methylation by fluorescence polarization. Epigenetics 7:335-339
  2. Cunyou Zhao, Feng Wang, Frank W. Pun, Lingling Mei, Lihuan Ren, Zhiliang Yu, Siu-Kin Ng, Jianhuan Chen, Shui-Ying Tsang and Hong Xue (2012) Epigenetic regulations on GABRB2 isoform expressions: developmental variations and disruptions in psychotic disorders. Schizophrenia Research 134:260-266
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    [3D-GDD (http://gaba.ust.hk/gdd) and GABAagent (http://gaba.ust.hk) databases have been featured under the NetWatch category in Science 287:5455 on February 11, 2000.]
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