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The Division offers rigorous and competitive undergraduate and postgraduate programs in life science. Currently, we have 553 undergraduate students and 193 postgraduate students.

The Division has 40 full-time faculty members with significant expertise in the areas of cellular regulation and signaling, cancer biology, developmental biology, molecular and cellular neuroscience, macromolecular structure and function, marine and environmental science, biotechnology and medicinal biochemistry, etc. The Division is the home of the the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Neuroscience, the only one at HKUST and one of the twelve in Hong Kong. In addition, the Division has a large collection of the state-of-the-art major equipment and is a major stakeholder of the Biosciences Central Research Facility (BioCRF).

Our mission is to sustain and promulgate a reputable academic program in life science by achieving excellence in research and education, and by making significant contributions to biotechnological innovations at regional and international arenas. We strive to provide an ideal environment for student learning and for tackling the challenges in modern life science.