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Pingbo HUANG

PhD University of Cincinnati
Associate Professor

Email: bohuangp@ust.hk

Research Interests:

  1. Sensory neurobiology: mechanotransduction in hair cells in the inner ear;
  2. Mechanical and chemical regulation of ion channels;
  3. Molecular mechanobiology.

Representative Publications

  1. Hu W*, Yu X*, Liu Z*, Sun Y, Chen X, Yang X, Li X, Lam WK, Duan Y, Cao X, Steller H, Liu K, and Huang P. The complex of TRIP-Br1 and XIAP ubiquitinates and degrades multiple adenylyl cyclase isoforms. eLife, 6, e28021, 2017

  2. Shen Y#, Guan D#, Serien D, Takeuchi S, Tong P*, Yobas L*, and Huang P*. Mechanical characterization of microengineered epithelial cysts by using atomic force microscopy, Biophysical Journal, 111(2): 398-409, 2017 (*co-corresponding authors).

  3. Sun Y and Huang P. Adenosine A2B receptor: from cell biology to human diseases. Frontiers in Chemistry, 4, 37, 2016.
  4. Sun Y, Hu W, Yu X, Liu Z, Tarran R, Ravid K, and Huang P. Actinin-1 binds to the C-terminus of A2B adenosine receptor and enhances its cell-surface expression. Biochemical Journal, 473(14), 2179-2186, 2016

  5. Xie C, Cao X, Chen X, Dong Wang, Zhang WK, Sun Y, Hu W, Zhou Z, Wang Y, and Huang P. Mechanosensitivity of wild-type and G551D cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) controls regulatory volume decrease in simple epithelia. The FASEB Journal, 30(4), 1579-89, 2016, (Recommended by Faculty1000 Prime).

  6. Shen Y, Hou Y, Yao S, Huang P*, and Yobas L*. The effect of micropattern topography on epithelial lumen formation. Scientific Reports, 5, 9293, 2015 (*co-corresponding authors).

  7. Sun Y, Duan Y, Eisenstein AS, Hu W, Quintana A, Lam WK, Wang Y, Wu Z, Ravid K, and Huang P. A novel mechanism of control of NFκB activation and inflammation involving A2B adenosine receptors. Journal of Cell Science, 125(Pt 19), 4507-17, 2012

  8. Duan Y, Sun Y, Zhang F, Zhang W, Wang D, Wang Y, Cao X, Hu W, Xie, C, Cuppoletti J, Magin T, Wang H, Wu Z, Li N and Huang P. Keratin 18 increases CFTR surface expression by binding to its C-terminal hydrophobic patch. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 287(48), 40547-59, 2012

  9. Zhang WK, Wang D, Duan Y, Loy MMT, Chan HC, and Huang P. Mechanosensitive gating of CFTR. Nature Cell Biology, 12(5): 507-12, 2010

  10. Wang D, Sun Y, Zhang W, and Huang P. Apical adenosine regulates basolateral Ca++-activated potassium channels in human airway Calu-3 epithelial cells. American Journal of Physiology (Cell Physiol) 294, C1443-C1453, 2008.
  11. Wang D, Wang W, Duan Y, Sun Y, Wang Y, and Huang P. Functional coupling of Gs and CFTR is independent of their association with lipid rafts in epithelial cells. Pflugers Arch-European Journal of Physiology 456: 929-938, 2008.

  12. Sun Y, Wu F, Sun F, and Huang P. Adenosine promotes IL-6 release in airway epithelia. Journal of Immunology 180, 4173-4181, 2008.

  13. Wang Y, Lam CK, Wu F, Wang W, Duan Y, and Huang P. Regulation of CFTR channels by bicarbonate-sensitive soluble adenylyl cyclase in human airway epithelial cells. Am. J Physiol (Cell Physiol) 289, C1145-C1151, 2005.

  14. Huang P, Lazarowski ER, Tarran R, Milgram SL, Boucher RC, and Stutts MJ. Compartmentalized autocrine signaling to cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator at the apical membrane of airway epithelial cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 98: 14120-14125, 2001, (Featured in the cover, and the commentary of No.25 issue).


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