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Hongbin LIU

PhD University of Hawaii at Manoa

Email: liuhb@ust.hk

Phone: (852) 2358 7341 (office), (852) 2358 7347 (lab)

Research Laboratory Website : plankton-lab.ust.hk

Research Interests

Currently, my lab is conducting research to understand the factors that control microbial (with the emphasis of picoplankton and bacterioplankton) biomass, diversity, growth, mortality and physiological status in a variety of aquatic ecosystems. We focus on the Hong Kong coastal waters and the South China Sea, but also other parts of the world oceans through collaborations with scientists from China and around the world. We are also conducting researches addressing the environmental issues, such as harmful algal bloom and hypoxia in Hong Kong coastal waters.


Representative Publications

  1. Jing, H., Liu, H., Suzuki, K. (2009) Phylogenetic diversity of marine Synechococcus in the Sea of Okhotsk. Aquat. Microb. Ecol. (in press)
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  6. Dagg, M. J., Strom, S., Liu, H. (2009) High feeding rates on large particles by Neocalanus flemingeri and N. plumchrus, and consequences for phytoplankton community structure in the subarctic Pacific Ocean. Deep-Sea Res. I 56:716-726.
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