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Faculty   By Alphabetical Order

Acting Division Head and Professor

Zhenguo WU
PhD Western Ontario
Molecular regulation of muscle stem cells, myogenic differentiation, and muscle regeneration.
Zhenguo WU

Chair Professors

PhD Stanford University
Neurogenetics, cell cycle, cell death, CNS development, epigenetics, Alzheimer's disease, ataxia-telangietasia
Nancy Yuk-Yu IP
PhD Harvard
Molecular control of neuronal survival, differentiation, synapse development and plasticity; drug discovery and development for neurodegenerative diseases.
Nancy Yuk-Yu IP
Randy Y.C. POON
MA, PhD Cambridge
Molecular basis of cell cycle control in normal and cancer cells.
Randy Y.C. Poon
Karl Wah-Keung TSIM
BSc, MPhil Chinese Univ of Hong Kong; PhD Cambridge
Molecular genetic methods are used to investigate the cellular and molecular events that lead to the formation of synapses during development and regeneration.
Karl Wah-kenug TSIM
Yung Hou WONG
PhD Cambridge
Major research interests are in the delineation of the mechanisms of cell signaling. The roles of G proteins in the regulation of cell proliferation, differentiation and the development of drug tolerance are studied using cellular models.
Yung Hou WONG
Mingjie ZHANG
PhD Calgary
Structure and function of regulatory proteins involved in neuronal signal transductions and cell polarity.


PhD British Columbia
Protein and membrane trafficking with a particular emphasis on mechanisms of protein localization, retention and sorting in the Golgi apparatus.
King-Lau CHOW
BSc Chinese Univ of Hong Kong; PhD Baylor Coll of Medicine
Molecular and genetic analysis of body pattern formation; cell fate determination; differentiation, assembly and morphogenesis of sensory organ; evolution of sexual characteristics and mating system.
King-Lau CHOW
Robert K.M. KO
PhD British Columbia
Antioxidant mechanism(s) of Chinese tonic herbs with focus on the regulation of cellular glutathione redox status; Pharmacological basis of Yang/Qi-invigoration in Chinese medicine.
Robert K.M. KO
Ning LI
BSc Beijing Forestry Coll; MSc, PhD Univ of Washington
Current research areas include (1) Quantitative PTM proteomics, interactomics and molecular systems biology (2) Post-translational modification (PTM) networks in energy plants (3) Genetic engineering of energy plants and microbes
Ning LI
Andrew L. MILLER
PhD Dundee
Calcium signaling during early development; calcium imaging techniques; transgenic model systems for imaging calcium ions in living organisms.
Andrew L. Miller
Robert Z. QI
PhD Calgary
Understanding cytoskeletal organization and regulation during cell proliferation, migration, and differentiation with a range of tools from biochemistry, mass spectrometry, molecular and cell biology.
Robert Z. QI
Bik Kwoon YEUNG TYE (Part-time Visiting Professor)
Regulation of DNA replication in eukaryotes.
Zilong WEN
PhD Rockefeller
Molecular control of hematopoietic stem cell pool formation and phagocyte development.
Zilong WEN
Tin Yum WONG
BSc Univ Coll of North Wales; MSc, PhD Stirling
Dinoflagellates, Cellulosic Thecal Plates, birefringent chromosomes, life-cycle tranistions, Cell size regulation
Zilong WEN
PhD Johns Hopkins
Molecular and cellular basis of learning and memory, organization of synapse and regulation of synaptic transmission.
Molecular mechanism of protein trafficking and its implication in brain disorder and diabetes.
Guang ZHU
PhD Maryland
Structure-function study of proteins involved in the initiation of DNA replication, epigenetic control of gene expression and cancer. NMR study of tRNA and DNA/RNA G-quadruplex. Development of NMR methods for structure-function studies of biomolecules.
Guang ZHU

Adjunct Professors

Donald C. CHANG
PhD Rice University
Macro-Science, biophysics, signaling mechanism in cell regulation, medical physics and biotechnology.
Donald Cheung

Associate Professors

Kenny K. CHUNG
PhD Cambridge
Molecular mechanisms of Neurodegeneration. Functional studies of genes that are linked to familial Parkinson's disease.
Kenny K. CHUNG
Pingbo HUANG,
BSc Peking Univ; PhD Univ of Cincinnati
Regulation of Ion Channels and Epithelial Biology. The research in my lab focuses on the regulation of epithelial ion channels including CFTR. In addition, my lab is interested in other related questions in epithelial biology.
Pingbo HUANG
PhD Brown
Mechanism and cell cycle control of DNA replication in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Regulation of DNA replication in normal and cancer cells. Molecular cancer detection methods and anticancer drugs.
PhD Rutgers
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of axonal regeneration failure in adult mammalian central nervous system.
PhD University College London
Regulation of fat storage and mobilization in C. elegans and mammalian cells.
Raymond S. C. WONG (Visiting Associate Professor)
PhD South Dakota
Wan-Keung R. WONG
Dip Hong Kong Baptist Coll; MSc Regina; PhD British Columbia
Cloning and expression of genes in Escherichia coli, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Bacillus subtilis; development of these host systems for extracellular production of valuable proteins; production and reconstitution of recombinant cellulases for use in cellulosic waste management.
Wan-Keung R. WONG

Assistant Professors

Kit Yu Karen CHAN
PhD University of Washington
Plankton ecology with a specific interest in marine invertebrate larvae, research focuses on role of individuals on population dynamics such as effects of swimming behaviors on dispersal and predation risk, impact of climate change related environmental stressors on plankton ecophysiology, and functional morphology.
Tom Hiu Tung CHEUNG
PhD University of Colorado at Boulder
Molecular mechanisms of stem cell quiescence and activation.
Yusong GUO
PhD Carnegie Mellon University
Molecular mechanism that regulates sorting of planar cell polarity (PCP) signaling receptors at the trans Golgi network and its implication in the PCP signaling process.
PhD University of Washington
Computational and Theoretical Neuroscience.
PhD Tokyo University of Science
Single-molecule biophysics; the role of chromatin structure in transcription regulation
Danny Chi Yeu LEUNG
PhD University of British Columbia
Epigenetic regulation of non-coding genomic sequences in stem cells and cancer cells
PhD Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
Molecular mechanisms of RNA-interacting proteins in regulation of non-coding RNA biogenesis and functions.
Hyokeun PARK
PhD University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Development of single-molecule imaging techniques; transport of vesicles and organelles in neurodegenerative diseases.
Hyokeun Park
PhD University of California, San Diego
Neural circuits for visual behaviors in zebrafish.
Jiguang WANG
PhD Chinese Academy of Sciences
Systems Biology, Bioinformatics, Cancer Genomics, and Precision Cancer Medicine.
Angela Ruohao WU
PhD Stanford University
My goals are to help bridge gaps between biology and engineering. To do so, my group’s research focus has two major directions: 1) investigating disease mechanisms using novel approaches such as single cell transcriptomics and gene editing; 2) development of new technologies and tools to address experimental challenges in life science research.
PhD Princeton
The molecular and cellular basis of epithelium morphogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster.
Teaching Faculty / Teaching Support Staff
PhD Oxford Polytechnic
Email address: cheungh@ust.hk
Office Room No.: 5502B
Office Phone No.: 2358-7904
Siu Chun HUNG
PhD Columbia
Email address: bohsc@ust.hk
Office Room No.: 5452
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Ice W P KO
Email address: iceko@ust.hk
Office Room No.: 5444
Office Phone No.: 2358-8923
Philip Y. LAM
Email address: ylam@ust.hk
Office Room No.: 4161A
Office Phone No.: 2358-8714
Melody Kar Wah LEUNG
PhD Baptist Univ
Email address: bomleung@ust.hk
Office Room No.: 5450
Office Phone No.: 2358-8634
Jessica Ce Mun TANG
Email address: bocemun@ust.hk
Office Room No.: 4149B
Office Phone No.: 2358-7314
Bobby T K YIM
Email address: bobby@ust.hk
Office Room No.: 4161A
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