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Dual Program

The Sussex-HKUST PhD Dual-degree Program

A PhD Dual-degree Program in the areas of genome stability and neuroscience between The University of Sussex (Sussex), United Kingdom and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Hong Kong was established since 2017/2018. The program provides students the opportunities to benefit from shared research excellence between the two universities. The intended duration of the program is four academic years. Students are required to spend approximately two academic years in residence at Sussex and approximately two academic years in residence at HKUST. Students will be guided by faculty advisors from both institutions, and be examined to the standards of both.

Program Features

The duration is 4 years full time. It is intended that HKUST students will spend half of their study time at HKUST and the other half at Sussex.

Research Projects for cohort 2018-19

Project Name Project advisor at Sussex Project advisor at HKUST Project details
Regulation of P2X7‐purinoreceptor ER export and trafficking to the plasma membrane Dr.Ruth Murrell-Lagnado Dr. Yusong Guo View detail
Functional and quantitative post-translational modification (PTM) proteomic and interactomic study of the post-DNA replication damage recovery in Schizosaccharomyces pombe Prof. Anthony Carr Prof. Ning Li View detail
From genes to movement: the role of microRNA regulation during the development of motor circuitry in flies and fish Prof. Claudio Alonso Prof. Andrew Miller View detail


To be admitted to this program, an applicant must meet all the admission requirements at both institution and must have faculty advisors who agree to advise them at both institutions. Student on the dual-degree program must register as a PhD student with both institutions for the duration of study. Students are required to meet the entry requirements of both institutions.

A small number of students would be accepted to the programme each year. The admission decision will be made jointly by both institutions.

Program requirements

Student candidates must satisfy all of the academic and other requirements of both HKUST and Sussex in order to receive the dual-degree. Student candidates are expected to submit the HKUST applications before 1 May 2018 for the faculty advisors and the Joint committee’s screening and review.

Tuition fee and Costs

Candidates have to pay tuition fees to HKUST during their 2 years of studies at HKUST, in the same amount as the normal full-time PhD programmes. Eligible candidates will receive Postgraduate Scholarship (PGS) from HKUST for up to two years during their studies in HKUST.

During their studies at Sussex, scholarships, tuition fees, research and living fee would be arranged as per Sussex’s regulation. During their time at Sussex, students may register on ‘Off-campus study’ status at HKUST, and need not pay any tuition fee to HKUST during their time at Sussex.

For further information about HKUST’s application procedure and registration schedule, please refer to http://pg.ust.hk/apply. For information about Sussex’s application procedure, please refer to http://www.sussex.ac.uk/study/phd/apply.

Updated on 30 Jan 2018


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