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Joint-School Program Overview


Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology and Business (BIBU) [Starting from 2016/17]

With enormous potential of biotechnology for the future, the demand for professionals who can serve the industry at the levels of R&D, technical support, and management has been increasing worldwide. To address the regional demand for talents, HKUST’s School of Science and School of Business and Management have jointly developed the interdisciplinary BIBU program. The holistic curriculum, which comprises approximately equal number of courses in science and business, equips students with a solid foundation of essential technical knowledge (life science, biotechnology) and business know-how (accounting, economics, operations management, etc.) to function effectively in the industry, enhance students’ creativity and critical thinking skills, and provide them with a global outlook on biotech development and applications. The goal is to groom competent students as effective managers and leaders in the biotech/phama industry in Hong Kong and Greater China.


Intended Learning Outcomes

Students of the BSc in Biotechnology and Business program will be able to:

  1. Develop a broad understanding of the scientific principles in biotechnology and core business functions [Knowledge]
  2. Apply and integrate functional knowledge to solve problems in the field of biotech business and management [Execution]
  3. Make effective decisions supported by analytical and quantitative techniques [Judgment]
  4. Communicate effectively in oral and written English for biotech business applications [Communication]
  5. Work independently, collaborate effectively in teams, and lead a team to success [Interpersonal skills and leadership]
  6. Understand their professional and ethical responsibility and recognize the importance of harmony among humans, biotechnology, and a sustainable living society [Ethical practice]
  7. Demonstrate a global outlook and function effectively in multi-cultural and international settings [International outlook]

General University Admission Requirements



For students admitted in 2016-17

Career Prospects

  • The holistic BIBU experience prepares students to excel in any career path they aspire to. A wide variety of career opportunities are available in both public and private sectors in Hong Kong and Greater China.
  • Potential employers include multinational pharmaceutical companies, bio-product vendors, biotech service providers, medical device manufacturers, consulting firms focusing on the biotech/pharma industries, and many more.


    Information Leaflet

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