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Summer Courses (2016-2017)

LIFS 1020 Biology of Human Health [3 Credits(s)]
[Previous Course Code(s): BISC 002] This course introduces the basic biological principles of human health and diseases with an emphasis on the contemporary leading causes of death in Hong Kong and in the world. Topics mainly focus on common and emergent diseases, aging, and the influence of biotechnology, environment and culture on human health. Exclusion(s): Level 3 or above in HKDSE 1/2x Biology or in HKDSE 1x Biology, a passing grade in HKAL Biology, LIFS 1901, LIFS 1902, LIFS 4760

LIFS 1030 Environmental Science [3 Credit(s)]
[Previous Course Code(s): BISC 003] This course introduces students to the general concepts of environment, natural resources, and sustainable development. The topics include pressing global, regional and local environmental changes; life-supporting systems of our planet; biodiversity and its conservation; atmosphere, water resources, and their pollutions; solid and hazardous waste management; environmental health and sustainable development. Throughout the course, students will gain a sufficient background and a better understanding of the root-causes of the upfront environmental issues. They will also become more aware of their role, as citizens, in environmental protection and sustainable development.

BTEC 5210 Principles and Application in Biotechnology [4 Credit(s)]
[Previous Course Code(s): BTEC 521] The goal of this course is to provide an interdisciplinary, state-of-the-art introduction to biotechnology. Topics include the molecular foundations of biotechnology, molecular microbiology, biotech process development and scale-up, product approval and regulatory affairs, genomics, microarray analysis, proteomics, computational biology, molecular modeling, analytical biotechnology, and bioterrorism and biotechnology.